Buy a new snowsuit AND keep a child warm this winter! 

Giving Tuesday, the National Day of Giving, is an opportunity for the Outaouais region to achieve an ambitious goal this year! We aim to deliver 1,700 new snowsuits to our children to keep them warm and happy all winter long. With the united efforts and support of the community, we believe we can make it! 

GIVING a new snowsuit means GIVING our kids the chance to grow up happy and confident. 

Your $60 gift will buy a new snowsuit so that a child in your community can fully enjoy winter's delights. 

$60 = 1 new snowsuit 

Help underprivileged children in our community now. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to join in so that 1,700 youngsters can spend a warm winter. 

Thank you for putting your heart into our community!