Thank you for supporting me in my YMCA Challenge!  

In addition to raising money to get kids moving this summer, I have set three goals: 

Fitness challenge: run 5 km

Mental health challenge: get outside every lunch hour, even if it’s raining

Community challenge: do a big clear-out of my closets and donate clothing and toys to a local community organization.  

Please support me by making a donation on my personal fundraising page. You can even set your own overall health goals! I’m counting on your support. 

Do it for you, do it for them!

After another disrupted school year and the cancellation of sports and after-school activities, our kids really need a fun, stimulating, and active summer. 

Joining the YMCA Challenge will specifically help: 

  • Provide financial assistance to families who otherwise would not have the means to send their children to camp; 
  • Provide our companion service to children with diverse abilities and needs;
  • Develop physical literacy activities to foster a love of physical activity in children

What is the YMCA Challenge? 

The 2021 edition of the YMCA Challenge is an inclusive virtual event that is open to everyone and aims to promote overall health and well-being. Set your goals for each component and rise to the challenge between June 1 and June 22! 

Achieve your three personal goals while fundraising to help get kids moving this summer! 

  • Fitness Challenge 
  • Mental Health Challenge 
  • Community Health Challenge 

On your own or with your family, break the isolation, take care of yourself and those around you, have fun, and build your confidence and skills to reach your goals, all while raising money for the kids in our day camps. 

To participate

1) Create a fundraising page by clicking on “Fundraise.” You can these choose to fundraise on your own, create a team, or join an existing one. 

2) Personalize your welcome message with your three overall health goals.  

3) Make a donation to support the YMCA camps on your individual page or on the page of the person you want to encourage. 

4) Share your fundraising page and rise to the Challenge!  

This unique event will bring people together, motivate them, and generate collective happiness and pride! 

For more information, please visit our website!