Yes, you read right, it's completely free!

With Simplyk, you receive every dollar your donors pledge.

Thanks to voluntary contributions
we can offer Simplyk for free
Simplyk is entirely based
on voluntary contributions

When fundraising with Simplyk, your donors can add a voluntary contribution for Simplyk. Whether they do it or not, you always access 100% of the money you've fundraised.

These voluntary contributions are our only source of income.

A transparent model that propels your mission forward

Simplyk provides transparency to your donors, helping explain why 75% of all donors decide to leave an optional contribution.

See how other NPOs find working with a free fundraising tool that gives them more.

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Free - and secure
Every payment made through Simplyk is back by Stripe, one of the world's most secure online payment platforms. And yes, we cover all of the Stripe fees for you.
They broke free from fees‌
"For us, it seemed like a no-brainer because there are no fees (SERIOUSLY)."
Niki F., Fund Development Manager
Fundraising & Special Events
"I have used Simplyk for selling lottery tickets online, for a chocolate sale and to create Peer-to-Peer fundaisers. Each are easy to build, share or embed to our website. The platform is very user friendly."
Yvonne F., Communications Manager
Lakeshore hospital
The Product
Powerful tools without compromise
Simplyk is 100% free, with no contract or commitment. Try it for your next fundraising campaign, and see why so many NPOs and charities have broken free from fees.
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