Our mission
Building solutions to maximise nonprofits resources
We build online fundraising solutions that give nonprofits more resources to change the world

Too many nonprofits can't access modern technology because their budget just won’t allow it.  We believe your mission deserves more.

We are focused on developing the best online fundraising platform, offering it for free so that every nonprofit can focus on maximising their impact.

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About us
Who we are

Back in 2016, François, one of our two founders, was involved with many nonprofit organizations, helping them with the recruitment and management of volunteers.

He would often end up chatting with the directors about their challenges. The story of a director of a meals-on-wheels who was on the verge of getting fired by her board struck him.

This director had to rejuvenate their donors’ database to sustain the organization’s impact over years. To do so, she invested money to rebrand the website, make it perform better, and of course, to be more mobile-friendly so more donors could easily give online. It was a success, as they noticed more and more young people engaging with the organization.
Fast-forward to one year later, that’s when troubles began- older donors were concerned about the financial reports. “Why is there so much money invested in technology instead of delivering more help to the people in my community?” Those concerns made their way to the board members. They quickly turned their back on the director, accusing her of wasting donors’ money, when in fact, she was building towards a stronger long-term impact for the organization.

Francois discovered that day that the preconceived idea about charities wasting donors’ money is a dangerous myth. It is preventing them from accessing good technologies.
He discussed his challenges with his friend Thibaut and it was a wise move. Thibaut had heard about a platform in Europe working only on contributions. This could help so many nonprofits in Canada! That was the beginning of their partnership in the Simplyk adventure and the launch of the free platform.
Since then, Simplyk has grown over 6x every year and built a strong team of passionate developers, marketers, sales specialists, and designers.

If you ask them though, they’ll tell you that their greatest pride remains that they never charged a single dime to the thousands of organizations who are now using Simplyk.

Simplyk platform
With over 3k organizations using Simplyk, we became the largest volunteering platform in Québec
We released fundraising functionalities
We received funding to expand across Canada
With over 4k organizations using us and a growing team, we are making our first steps into the US market
Our values
One for all
Our purpose relies on our ability to help as many organizations as possible. This concept is always top of mind and drives us to do our best work, every day.
Simplyk is simple
If grandma can't use it, it's not good enough, and we'll try again to come up with a more intuitive solution.
Be exemplary
To create a better world, we need to be there for our colleagues and invest in our local community.
We walk the talk

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.
They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.
This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

Over 4k organisations trust us
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