An estimated 77,000 Canadians live with multiple sclerosis. 

By donating to Le Grand Portage, your gift will help fund joint research projects led by Dr Jack Antel (Neuro-McGill) et du Dr Alexandre Prat (CHUM-Université de Montréal), focused on the immunological and neurological mechanisms involved in the development and progression of MS. This knowledge is a necessary step towards better treatment options for the disease.

Dating back more than 35 years, this unique collaboration between two of Montreal’s great medical institutions stands at the forefront of world knowledge on MS. 

Le Grand Portage 2021 program will provide the opportunity to advance the programs at Neuro-McGill and CHUM-Université de Montréal and to build new bridges with other canters, focusing on the BARLO MS Centre St Michael’s Hospital/U of Toronto with which Drs. Antel and Prat already have established collaborations.

 All your donations (100%) will go to research, and you will receive a tax receipt from the Université de Montréal. 

To ensure a steady source of revenue in the search for a cure for multiple sclerosis, 5% of any donation received will be put into an endowment fund.

Thank you for helping us support science.