Welcome to Summer Love-In Online! We are excited at the Toronto Dance Community Love-In to be hosting our 11th edition. From July 5 - 17, 2021, join us for our festival of dance, performance, conversation, and LOVE, all digital but with full hearts. We will be busting into summer, with all our sweat, smiles, and curiosity, to dancing, thoughtful making, magic, togetherness!

Tara McGowan-Ross (she/her) | Creative Writing for Dancers:

Times & Dates:

Tuesday July 6th, 2pm - 3:30pm EDT

Wednesday July 7th, 2pm - 3:30pm EDT

Thursday July 8th, 2pm - 3:30pm EDT 
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Nobody understands the power of constraint in art better than dancers—it’s a medium that thrives in a landscape of rigorous training, repetition and tradition—as well as the rebellion that those structures inspire. Poetry has parallel constraint structures, in both form and content: the rigorous one-two of iambic pentameter, the elaborate rhyming structures of the sonnet or the villanelle, and so on.

This workshop is organized around principles of constraint, an ongoing on-again-off-again love affair in Tara’s writing practice. It will explore specifically the intensely generative nature of constraint—how, once we fall in love with constraint, we will never be without material, or new avenues to expand our practice.

Topics explored:
How can we use constraint to make art in our surroundings even when we’re not inspired?
How do we know when it’s time to push constraint, or abandon it completely?


Tara McGowan-Ross is an urban Mi'kmaq multidisciplinary artist and writer. She is the author of the poetry collections GIRTH and SCORPION SEASON. Her nonfiction debut, NOTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT is forthcoming this fall from Dundurn's Rare Machines imprint.

Photo Credit: Camellia Jahanshahi
Image description: Tara, donning a buzz cut hairstyle is on the left side of the photo looking at the camera. The background is a fabric which features a pink tear drop shaped patten on repeat.