Welcome to Summer Love-In Online! We are excited at the Toronto Dance Community Love-In to be hosting our 11th edition. From July 5 - 17, 2021, join us for our festival of dance, performance, conversation, and LOVE, all digital but with full hearts. We will be busting into summer, with all our sweat, smiles, and curiosity, to dancing, thoughtful making, magic, togetherness!

pavleheidler (they/them) | Session 1: to be(lieve) or not to be(lieve), that is the question.

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Wednesday July 14, 10am - 12pm EDT

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I would like to devote one of my sessions to the sociologist David M. Newman’s concept of “incorrigible propositions,” which describes “a belief that is held so strongly […] people will not believe it is wrong, even in the face of powerful contrary evidence.” According to Newman, “Protecting these beliefs is essential for the maintenance of reality systems, so people explain away contrary evidence rather than rejecting the belief.” I am drawn to studying “incorrigible proposition” from an embodied perspective, asking as I move: what do I believe in so strongly that even evidence to the contrary won’t be able to change my mind about? And how is the reality of my foot, for example, existing sensitively relative to the shifting dynamic between the evidenced and the believed?

The other session I am thinking of devoting to the study of the perception of the self, the study of self-perception, through the framework of the series called “dances writing poetry,” which-if you are interested in checking it out in advance-is available on my Vimeo account.

I’ve begun working on “dances writing poetry” when I realised that I wasn’t, in fact, sure-as I believed I was-it is possible to successfully communicate a thought in dancing. “Dancing writing poetry” lead me to an unintended realisation, that-as a dancer-I never practiced looking at myself dancing, and reading my own dancing. I’ve gotten used to “seeing” myself in the comments of others, choreographers, rehearsal directors, audiences, and speculating about why my dancing did or did not mean what I wanted it to, or had intended it to mean, using only those comments I was receiving.

“Dances writing poetry” is about transforming self-consciousness into self-awareness, the awareness of self, by engaging in the practice of studying one’s own reading of one's own image.


i have been dancing-performing, studying, writing, and coaching dancing professionally since early teenage-hood; inevitably considering my varied engagements with the field of experimental dancing and choreography–where choreography is understood to be an expanded practice–as opportunities to continue studying the notion and the practice of (0) embodiment, (1) expression, (2) performativity, (3) relationality, and (4) successful communication. i like to say that i am a dance artist and an amateur scholar working in the field of queer critical practice.

since the beginning of the pandemic, i've mostly engaged in intimate professional relationships with single individuals one at a time, exploring the notion of mediated dancing: dancing writing, dancing drawing, dancing speaking, dancing video-chatting, dancing dreaming; incl. dancing disappointment and dancing hope. i’ve self-published several books and co-organised a number of  online gatherings in celebration of this topic.

Image Description: Portrait of pavle smiling outside in the city. They are wearing a brown hat, sunglasses and are holding ice cream which feature two colours: Pink and Yellow. In this cropping, only pink is visible. There is a popsicle stick sticking out of the ice cream.