DO NOT WAIT until you lose everything before finding keys to unlock the closed doors against your marriage, if you are already married. But, if you are yet to marry, remarry, or dating, don’t wait until you take you lose your chances of marrying or destroy your relations before you realise that you have made the wrong choice of a partner or you have made indelible mistakes of your life.  

You cannot afford to miss it. 

You must not miss this except you have given up on your hopes for a God’s ability to prepare you for the right future partner, one given by God and not by your emotions. You can only miss this God’s gift to you if you have already made up your heart to never marry again or expect divine intervention of a better cohabitation with your spouse and being the best couple on Earth to show forth the glory of God? 

Take it from those of us who have divorced before. Marriage is more than getting to know someone and moving in with them. And divorce? Don’t even go there. It is painful, costly, time consuming and senseless, no matter how many times you took the walk. Do not deaden your emotions to believe that it is going to be easy. Many end up sick or dead through it all. The children suffer now and forever and your future, regardless of how much you pretend and mask the issues, will remain bleak and full of regrets, until Jesus Christ shows you mercy to marry again, which is always a process of recovery. We have stories. We have proofs. 

Why don’t you make this one work by bringing God into it? Or, why don’t you prepare yourself for a journey of success by attending this conference? You are encouraged to learn from the World’s Best Expert in Marriage. This is a needful conference for everyone, including the unmarried. 

By the Special grace of God, the Speaker, who is an Anointed Prophet of God has salvaged many broken homes in their hundreds and still counting. Yours is not late for God to step in, but you must do the needful. Register now and save your neck from longstanding wells of tears. The Bibles says, “If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3). Find the answers from this upcoming conference.  

You must endeavour to obtain your copy of the first Conference—Marriage, the Scriptural Way so that you can add the new conference teachings to your old one, thereby, building a solid foundation you are your marriage now or the
anticipated one. In following this order, your learning and takeaways are in sequential order. 



  1. Marriage is a mystery from God. What? You heard right.  
  2. God instituted it and it has hidden acts. 
  3. The Law of faith 
  4. Why you and your spouse needs this order of faith 
  5. Supernatural favours of God, and many more amazing God-given insights. 

This conference was an eye opening one, and contrary to what all marriage pros have told or taught you about marriage. It was a mouth-watering, yet heart wrenching experience for the hundreds that attended in that most of them felt sorry for themselves and how their marriages have not worked or are not working based on what they learned. Most participants wished that they knew this about marriage before tying the knot.  

Almost everyone realized that he or she was not prepared for marriage before they engaged on such a spiritual journey with their spouse, and that was a hit in the head kind of an experience for most participants. Now, having to go back and make corrections is the only way forward. 

The Speaker, The Prophet of God, spoke with such an anointing, yet it was laughterful. Some of the topics he discussed with his audience, which some of you have already missed (but you can purchase your CD for $500/copy). That is right. The contents worth millions and $500 CAD is just to help you invest a token into your marriage. No amount of money can buy a happy, blissful, God-Centered and God-operated kind of marriage to make you fulfill your destiny in God, so don’t deprive yourself of what is worth more than the amount stated here because you think it is too costly. 

The topics discussed are what you have never heard before, because not every great speaker or marriage specialist is given the Ministry of Marriage by God, our Father in Heaven Himself. What most of us have been taught even in our churches are just what any human being can come up with. But, when God gives a Prophet or God’s Priest an office to officiate in any area of life, the message, the teachings, the impartations are out of this world. Folks, for those of you who missed the first one, don’t miss this second one.  


Register before the Seats are sold out on this one as it was in the first conference. Don’t wait until last minute! 



DATE & TIME: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 @ 6pm  

Location: It shall be held in-person if Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. If not, it shall be hosted via livestreaming. Volume #1 was held on February 10, 2021 @ 7pm via livestreaming. 

COSTS: $250 per a person; $400/couple 

EARLY BIRDS: If you register before July 7, you will only pay $250/CD for the first Marriage Conference—Your Marriage, The Scriptural Way. 

This price is regardless of participating online or in person. Payment by instalment is allowed, but you keep track as well.  

Registration opens: February 25 and closes on July 14, 2021 at midnight 

Late registration is subject of a fee of $50/person If you register after July 14, 2021 at midnight. 

Registration after May 6 will cost you addition of $150/person.  

Registration on July 21 will cost triple the original cost because it is the last minute registration that will take us extra time to get you into the conference.