That's a wrap on Fun Run 2021! Visit CLPS online at clps.ca.

BIG thanks to our sponsors, participants, and donors who made this event such a success.

What to donate? Visit our donation page.

If you want to stay in the loop about the next Fun Run, find us on Instagram at @clpsfunrun or email Sarah at scassidy@clps.ca

Welcome our 1st Annual Fun Run!!

Run, walk, roll, shimmy, shake, jump… you know, that kind of fun run! 

In the month of September, we will “go the distance” while we keep our distance. Choose your own dates, distance, path, and ways to move.

Why a fun run? 

Because we’ve missed you, that’s why! 

We wanted to create an event that honours and includes people of all abilities

We want to be together, even if we are physically apart. We are in this together. COVID cannot take away our shared purpose or our community spirit

We are ready for our turn to triumph over something. We keep hearing that the pandemic is “a marathon, not a sprint.” It is time for you and me to decide just how far we want to go.

How can I participate? 

 Step 1 – Register here. 

After you register you can go to the fundraising page, where you can create a profile. Tell your friends and family to register too – this is journey belongs to all of us. 

Registration is an eligible expense for people who have Passport funding. Need help? Get in touch with Leigh at larmstrong@clps.ca

Step 2 – Set a distance goal. 

Here’s your chance to get creative. 

Want to jog 1k? Walk 5k? 30k over the course of the month? Bunny hop from the salt docks to the Stockey Centre? 🐇

... In this FUN RUN, how you move is up to you! Join us from Parry Sound or anywhere else around the globe.

We only have two requirements: that you have FUN, and that you remember to say “thank you” to your body for its wonderful and miraculous abilities.

Step 3 – Get fundraising.  

Hit up your friends, family, neighbors, boss, former roommate’s cousins… heck, hit up everyone! Shout it from the rooftops. Tell people why you are participating and how they can support your cause.

Competitive people, this is your opportunity to shine. Let’s see who can raise the most ;) 

People who raise over $50 (on top of registration fee) by July 1 will get an event shirt. How cool is that?!

Check out the Fundraising Page 

Step 4 – FUN RUN

Anytime during the month of September, work toward your distance goal. Bring your pets, your bubble, or come as you are (who doesn’t love a self-care outdoor adventure?). Take lots of pics and engage with us on social media using #clpsfunrun.