Why do we need research data? How can communities benefit from more data on dance and well-being and how can research projects be built to give back to these communities?

This panel features three Canadian researchers, Rachel Bar (Research and Health at Canada’s National Ballet School, Toronto), Sylvie Fortin (UQAM, Montreal) and Melissa Park (McGill University, Montreal) who, through different research approaches and experiences, have contributed not only to developing a better understanding of why artistic practices and arts-based therapies are essential for many people to achieve physical, emotional and cognitive well-being; they have also integrated these interventions into the social fabric of the communities they work with, thus supporting a longer-term vision to well-being.

This event is presented by the National Centre for Dance Therapy and supported by the RBC Foundation. It is dedicated to dance professionals and facilitators who want to base their practice on current data and to researchers who focus on the relationship between dance, well-being and community building.