How to Play!
This elimination styled fundraiser invites teams of 4 to test their luck over the course of 10 days to win the ultimate grand prize! Each day, names will be drawn at random and these participants are then eliminated from the competition.
Teams are not eliminated until every team member has been drawn and removed from the running!
What You Win...
The winning team will be awarded our final CASH prize + an assortment of Growlers from Caps Off Brewery!  The value of the prize depends on the number of teams participating!  The more teams, the higher the value, as $25 from each team registration will be applied to the final total and one Growler for each immunity idol purchase will be added to the grand prize as well!
Your Tribe Has Spoken...
Once all four members/names have been drawn and eliminated this is the end of the road for your team in St. Patty's Survivor....unless you are a strategic team and purchased an immunity idol with your registration - you have the chance to get back into the game!  Your team's immunity idol can be redeemed only ONCE in the competition when one of your team members is eliminated in the draw.  Your team captain must confirm with our agency when you would like to redeem the immunity idol.  The cost of the immunity idol is $50.  As an added bonus your team will choose a Growler to add to the final grand prize pot with an immunity idol purchase.
Be aware that every team has the opportunity to purchase ONE immunity idol for their team so it is extremely valuable to purchase this additional insurance for your team!  Immunity idols can be used at any time until there are 5 names left in the draw.
Lottery License #844823