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An exclusive premiere event of inspiring Stigma-Free Stories from youth and adults alike who have lived experience with mental illness, addiction, gender identity, stigma and more. This event will be a part of the Help & Hope Fundraiser for Mental Health and all proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the Stigma-Free Society. Tickets are $25 or by donation.

The Stigma-Free Society is a registered Canadian Charity since 2010 that aims to reduce stigma of all kinds with a focus on mental health. They are a decade old trusted Charity that has done a significant amount of work in eliminating stigma of all kinds and promoting mental wellness. 

The Society's mission is to create awareness of the various stigmas that exist, develop an understanding of the challenges that people face, and encourage all people to foster acceptance of themselves and others. 

Please share this for you friends and help us make it a very successful event!