Finally in-person again, EDAM presents new dance works by choreographers Peter Bingham, Kelly McInnes & Marissa Wong.

Peter Bingham continues to develop scored group improvisations directing performers Anne Cooper, Francesca Frewer, Hayley Gawthrop, Arash Khakpour, Alex Mah, Diego Romero, Olivia Shaffer and Antonio Somera Jr.

Gathering together dance artists who each have a unique somatic, therapeutic practice Kelly McInnes invites and directs an inquiry into unfolding expressions of health through embodied presence, felt-sense awareness and co-regulation. The resulting performance, experiment meets meditation, Arriving out of silence, is an improvised score created in collaboration with performers Natalie Tin Yin Gan, Josh Ongcol, Roxanne Nesbitt and outside eye Elissa Hanson.

Marissa Wong's new creation, Family Room, is a study on our family structures using home decor and furnishings to represent relationship, dynamic, and history between family members. This series of solos (in collaboration with artists Justin Calvadores, Stéphanie Cyr, Tamar Tabori, and Shana Wolfe) marks the first creation for Marissa as Artistic Director of The Falling Company.

As we have not yet reached the destination of pre or post pandemic "normal", there are a few COVID-19 precautions that will affect this event. Normally EDAM sells 50 tickets per show, and this is being reduced by more than 50% to allow for a more spacious proscenium seating arrangement. There will not be a bar, and we ask that patrons present their vaccine passport, and wear a face-covering mask while indoors. Please note that performers might not be masked.