In the current context, OFFTA is opening up and invites you to experience remotely live art encounters, acts and performances imagined [envisioned] by the artists. The programme's full schedule will be released on May 18th, 2020. Until then, it is important to get your pass in order to receive access to the different performances throughout the festival.

About the different passes

Your participation brings the festival to life!

In order to make this edition of the OFFTA the most accessible financially for everyone, we are offering three different passes that provide the same access. Your engagement will support the OFFTA festival, as well as the artists participating to this unusual edition, depending on your available means.

Official receipt

An official receipt for tax purposes will be issued to participants getting the Solidarity or Solidarity + passes.

LA SERRE – arts vivants, producer of the OFFTA festival, is a registered charity: 818582025RR0001

Pro access

Artists, presenters and programmers are invited to acquire one of the three passes and to specify on the form whether you are an artist or a professional. A schedule with remote activities for professionals will be sent to you in due course. For more information, contact Céline Coutable, Development Coordinator:

Festival dedicated to avant-garde creation in live arts.

Annual artistic event created on the edge of the Festival TransAmériques (FTA), OFFTA is a festival dedicated to emerging avant-garde creation in live arts. Since 2007, it scans the local artistic landscape in order to highlight creators whose projects trace new avenues in theatre, dance and performance. The OFFTA grounds its identity on an artistic direction which favors solid and singular approaches, emerging practices and experimentation.

The OFFTA aspires to decompartmentalize contemporary artistic practices along with their respective audiences. In keeping with its transdisciplinary mission, OFFTA produces hybrid events, which challenge established practices and question modes of representation, as well as foster participation, dialogue and cooperation.