Local gifts for all the dads out there!

In collaboration with local merchants and artists in the Prescott and Russell region, the Valoris Foundation offers you, in addition to spoiling dad, the opportunity to support your community.

With your purchase, not only are you showing gratitude towards a loved one, but you are also allowing the Valoris Foundation to continue its efforts to meet the growing needs of vulnerable people in Prescott and Russell. Each donation made to the Valoris Foundation has an impact on the people around you and in your community!

Your purchase includes a personalized greeting card and the delivery of your gift on Saturday, June 19th, 2021 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. 

* Delivery service is only available to residents of Prescott and Russell. 

**A percentage of your purchase will be donated to the Valoris Foundation of Prescott-Russell.


$80 | Barista Package

(Café joyeux - Rockland)

1 high quality French press  coffee maker (1000 ml) / 1 E-Z Latte milk frother / 1 ceramic Café Joyeux mug / 1340 g bag of unground medium-dark Leo blend / whole beans   

$60 | Happy Breakfast Package!

(Café Joyeux - Rockland)

340 g of Leo's coffee blend grounded for a regular coffee machine / 1 ceramic Café Joyeux mug / 1 jar of creamy honey (500 g) / 1 bottle of maple syrup (355 ml)

$40 | Café sur la Rive Package
(CAFÉ sur la Rive - Plantagenet)

1 bag of Totem coffee beans (Vankleek Hill), 1 ceramic coffee mug (assorted designs), 1 gift certificate for 1 coffee and homemade cookie)

BBQ Packages

$65 | Package – Dad, the King of BBQ!

(Méli-mélon - Plantagenet)

For the BBQ savvy dad, this gift basket is perfect and includes the following items: Wooden BBQ grill scraper (made locally from maple wood); 6 hamburger buns; BBQ sauce; salsa; onion jam and a Smores kit.

$55 | Package – Dad, the King of Brochette!

(L'Orignal Packing - L'Orignal)

Create brochettes like the ones you see at the food fairs! / 6 packages of 4 sausages (24 skewers) / Sticks and paper markers.

Rustic Packages
 (Menuiserie Casselman)
Handcrafted in Canada / Western Canadian cedar / Stainless steel zinc hardware / Unique treatment for cedar (linseed oil compound, hybrid technology) / Durability and quality guaranteed 

$185 | Handmade Adirondack Chair

$125 | Handmade wooden clothes dryer rack

$30 | Small handmade wooden folding bench


$185 | Package - Overnight stay at the RiverRock
(RiverRock Inn - Rockland)

Overnight stay in a classic room with a Cheese and charcuterie board served in room.

$50 | Package - Full shave with straight blade

(James Peladeau Professional Barber - Hawkesbury)

Experience the traditional barber shop!       

$30 | Package – Haircut and shaving 
(James Peladeau Professional Barber - Hawkesbury)

Experience the traditional barber shop!     

$20 | Package - Haircut 

(James Peladeau Professional Barber - Hawkesbury)

Experience the traditional barber shop!

$40 | Package - Handmade soaps

(Me First Soaps - Rockland)

Three handmade cold process soap bars. Natural ways to feel like a man!  

(Jasmine Sea - Mocking Jay - Earth and Spice)

(Local Artist)
Are you looking for a unique gift for Father’s Day? Let dad know just how special he is with a unique one-of-a-kind crafted portrait in a beautiful frame. These are all custom portraits that would be designed using a picture submitted by the client.

$75 | Package – Framed digitally sketched portrait 
$75 | Framed digitally sketched portrait  with 3 words that best describe your dad

$100| Framed watercolor portrait 

Thank you to our partners and local businesses for believing in the Valoris Foundation's cause!

Emika Easton
Local Artist

Professionnal Barber