The upcoming Niagara Golf Marathon in support of Pathstone Mental Health, Niagara Health, Community Care, and Wellspring is on August 17th at Royal Niagara Golf Course!


Here is the ugly truth, it's 100 holes of golf in one day. The good news is that we are not asking you to golf, BUT we are asking you to donate. 


This year, Kim Rossi from Pathstone and Kat Chataway and Shelley Dix from Meridian make up this fun team of 3, AKA #GritGirls.


Grit; defined as, courage and resolve, strength of character. (yeah yeah)


To show you what we are made of, we will be sharing videos of our prep and training as we get ready for the BIG DAY. 100 holes is a major undertaking and will take us about 12 hours to complete.