It's Time Promotions believes in giving back.   Our culture, our vision and our mission revolves around team work and giving.  

All of our team at It's Time Promotions are compassionate, giving, and animal crazy. 

Our wish is to help this little boy raise money for his very own support dog - which will be Golden Bernedoodle puppy. Our little boy has developed Transverse Myelitis after having a cold virus.   This condition is rare, and while his prognosis is not yet known, he now struggles with strength in his upper extremities and requires assistance to accomplish most tasks.  

We think this puppy is just what he needs.  Help us help Rainbow Society to provide this little boys wish.

- Sharon deKoning, It's Time Promotions

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"Someone close to us recently said, "Take care of each other". It immediately made me think that those words have been brought to life through The Rainbow Society of Alberta and their sponsors, and how blessed we are that such an organization exists that not only demonstrates those words, but exceeds those 5 words, one child at a time, one dream at a time." - Wish Family (Trip to Disney World)

“We met many families and their special children, the trip was uplifting and hope filled, watching all the children’s faces light up with each new adventure.  The kindness of so many people giving so much of their time, talents, and treasure to make all of us feel so special; it is truly humbling and we are all so very grateful for the experience.” - Wish Family (Trip to Disney World)

“Medical travel, and long days of appointments can be stressful for Aaron, and there are not always a lot of options to help him take his mind off of it.  Having his phone on our trip last month was such a great gift.” - Wish Family (Samsung phone)

“We spent our second last day back at Disney Hollywood Studios; we LOVED Toy Story Land.  We rode each ride 5 times.  Thanks to our Genie Pass we were able to get on the rides all within 10 minutes.  This experience has been unreal.  I don’t think we will ever be able to express how truly thankful we are for this experience." - Wish Family (Trip to Disney World)

“Caitlyn had a wonderful time in Disneyland as well as the rest of us!!  Thank you so much!  Her favorite character was Donald Duck.  She loves quacking like him and smiling.  Also all the princesses.  Elsa and Anna are her favorite princesses, and she was so excited to meet everyone!  It was amazing to see her reaction to all the characters and princesses.  It was like she was in awe, and “star struck” per say.  This is a trip she as well as all of us will never forget.”  - Wish Family (Trip to Disneyland)

“ … There’s so many wonderful memories that we’ll surely treasure for the rest of our lives. We hope and pray that you and the Rainbow Society organization will continue to be a blessing to many more children and their families … .” - Wish Family (Trip to Disney World)

“Thank you so very much for all the new awesome ski equipment.  I really appreciate everything that was accomplished to make my dream a reality!!!  The equipment is beyond superb and super fast out on the ski trails!” - Wish Family (New cross country ski equipment)

 “We are back from an amazing trip to Mexico!!  I have no words for how beautiful it was.  The whole trip from start to finish was so amazing, it’s hard to adjust back to real life after a week like that!!  We can’t thank you all enough for this gift.  We were able to see a joy on Gavin’s face that has been gone for so long.”  - Wish Family (Trip to Mexico)

“Words can’t express how your kindness and generosity has affected our lives.  It touched us not only for the week we were away but for the many months leading up to it.  As I now gather the evidence of our adventures in our scrapbook, I know that these precious memories will touch us our whole lives.” - Wish Family (Trip to Disney World)

“… I really will never have enough words to properly express our gratitude for what The Rainbow Society did for our family. Silas was faced with so many life-threatening situations in his short 5 years that never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be watching him in awe as he met his heroes (Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Lightning McQueen), rode the rides, and took in all the sights. This was the first trip we have taken as a family since Silas and Hannah were born and it meant the world to all of us. …” - Wish Family (Trip to Disney World)  

“…I wanted to reach out and thank you and the Society for Jackson’s amazing wish trip to Disney World. We had a phenomenal and memorable family experience that none of us will ever forget. It was a very busy week; we certainly got our steps in! Truly not something our family would have been able to do otherwise… Our sincerest appreciation.” -Wish Family (Trip to Disney World)

 “We came back home from our amazing trip… everyone a little bit tired but happy overall. What a great adventure you guys made for us! We were in paradise for the week…we had an amazing experience! We are so grateful to The Rainbow Society for making Gleb’s dream come true! We had really unbelievable and amazing vacation!” - Wish Family (Trip to Mexico)