Put Your Best Foot Forward! 

A Fundraising challenge/initiative for the benefit of PEV

Let's get fit and turn miles/minutes into support for PEV! 

From September 1 to October 2, track any form of physical activity --- walking, running, cycling, exercise and help reach our goal in raising funds to support PEV's programs that help bring out the best in each and every woman. 

PEV is dedicated to helping each woman tap into her full potential in all aspects of her life -- relationships, physical well-being, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual growth. With your team or individual participation to get active and raise funds from now until October 2, you will also support the development of programs for women's growth in their personal, professional, and family life. www.pev.ca 

Ways of participating in this fundraising challenge:

1. Team up -- be it a group of friends or a family, forming a team (to a maximum of 5 members per team) can be exciting!  Why not challenge other teams in their physical activity and fundraising goals for this great cause!  A grand prize will be awarded to the team with the most mileage/minutes and funds raised. (On this form, select "Fundraise" "Create a Team")

2. Individual - supporting PEV through your contribution in raising funds and tracking mileage/minutes -- you are now part of the challenge to be one of the top 3 individuals with the most mileage/minutes and funds raised. Individual prizes await our top 3 winners.  (On this form, select "Fundraise" "Individual Fundraising") 

Anyone can participate in this challenge - anywhere and at their own pace.

Participants may also choose to continue raising their mileage/physical activity in a 5K walk at Pefferlaw Creek Farm (12300 Concession Rd 6, Uxbridge) while meeting other families at the Put Your Best Foot Forward - Family Fun Day event on October 2nd.

Mark your calendars and register for the event by clicking the link below:

Pefferlaw Creek Farm

12300 Concession Rd 6, Uxbridge

Saturday, October 2, 2021 from 10:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Family Rate = $25.00; Couple = $15.00; Individual = $10.00

Food will be available on site to purchase or bring your own food.

To support a team or an individual in their fundraising challenge - on this form, select "Donate"  "To a Team or Individual". Prize winners will be announced at the event on October 2nd. 

Ready... Set... Go! Put Your Best Foot Forward!