MASK UP for Mentoring is our 2021 community awareness campaign that strives to raise the funds we need to help support our matches. If you've landed here you can DONATE to support our vital mentoring relationships or you can SIGN UP to fundraise or start a team to participate on June 10.  


Let's show young people right here in our community that they have a huge network of champions who believe in them. Show your support on our Community Mask Up Day - Thursday, June 10 or wear your BBBS branded mask any day in May or June and become a Mask Up MatchMaker!  

Every dollar raised during this campaign will help us support more match relationships between volunteers 'Bigs" and young people 'Littles'. Our goal is $48,000 to support 40 matches for the next year.


Young people are in need of positive role models who act as mentors to help ignite their potential. It can be as simple as expressing care and providing a listening ear to talk about the day-to-day struggles they face during this uncertain time. It might involve providing much needed support, empowerment and encouragement; assuring them that someone is there. We know young people are more in need of friendship, support and guidance than ever before. 

Mentoring is about relationships. Deep, intentional, relationships of care. And if there is anything we all need right now, it is more connection in a developmental relationship that our mentors can provide to young people.


When a child has a mentor, the odds they will be emotionally, socially and physically healthy increases dramatically…and when we have healthy young people in our communities, everyone benefits. 

The annual cost to support ONE MATCH RELATIONSHIP is $1200. As we near 200 matches already in 2021, the funds we need to support our matches is well over $250,000 each year. 


Make a one time contribution of $1200 to support a match or donate $100 monthly. Children and youth are our GREATEST ASSET! Make an investment in the lives of kids. Your impact will be seen now and in the future as we ignite potential and helps kids achieve all they can be!


Click here for step by step instructions on how to setup your fundraising team or individual page.