With your help, we can lessen the impact of the coronavirus on our mission, continue to improve the quality of care in our community hospital and ensure that our front-line workers are better equipped to deal with the hardships that this pandemic is still bringing.

Create your personal fundraiser to improve our community hospital.

  • Bring our patients closer to their family with the installation of a Wi-Fi network throughout the Lakeshore General Hospital.
  • Ensuring access to the latest medical technology in our neighbourhood, and avoid having to commute downtown for medical treatment.
  • Helping today's heroes; the medical teams by providing them the best possible equipment to fight this pandemic

You can have a positive impact on the quality of care and the availability of services offered right here in the West Island. Every fundraising effort, regardless of the amount, has a meaningful impact on our community. It raises both money and awareness and helps our loved ones, neighbours, co-workers and teammates receive better care when needed.