Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a group of rare neurological diseases that mainly involve the nerve cells (neurons) responsible for controlling voluntary muscle movement. Voluntary muscles produce movements like chewing, walking, and talking. The disease is progressive, meaning the symptoms get worse over time. The average length of survival after diagnosis is three to five years. At this time ALS has no cure.


Can I make a donation and not walk or run?

Absolutely. Please make your donation above and we thank you for your support.


What is a Virtual Walk/Run?

In the Covid-19 era, a virtual walk or run is the "new normal" for fundraisers and is an exciting alternative to traditional walk and races for this year. A virtual walk or run is the opportunity to walk or run your race or your chosen distance at your pace, at your time, and in your location and to honor those in your life affected by ALS. As part of your walk or run you can also choose to help the ALS Society of SK and make a pledge page to raise funds or make a personal donation yourself. All persons making a donation will receive a tax receipt for the total amount of your donation.


Why Walk or Run a Virtual Run?

Many people will ask themselves why they should walk or run a virtual event this year. Here are a few of the reasons we think you should take part:

  • Someone in your life has been affected by ALS (now or in the past) and you want to honor them.
  • You have set goals and have been training for this purpose.
  • Running and walking are great for your mental and physical health, as well as a great stress-reliever.
  • It will give you something positive to focus on: "I CAN do" versus "I can't do."
  • It lets you continue to be part of a great running and walking community.
  • It will provide you with a sense of accomplishment.
  • You will get to brag to all those around you.
  • It's the best way to support your ALS Society of SK: Shop Local, Run or Walk Local.


How Does a Virtual Run Work?

Choose Your Own Day and Start Time.

With your virtual event this year, you have the ability to chose a day and time that works into your schedule or to run or walk along with the hundreds or thousands who will choose to walk or run on June 19th (International ALS Awareness Day). You DO NOT have to run or walk your race on June 19th but if you do walk or run in June in honor of ALS we ask that you document and share your walk or run with the ALS community by sending a picture to the ALS Society of SK or by tagging us in your picture or by adding it to our Facebook page. (see all details below). With the entire month of June available in which to run or walk your virtual event, you should be able to select a day that provides your ideal conditions.

  • What weather do you want to run or walk in?
  • What time of day to you prefer to run or walk?
  • Fit your virtual race around family and work schedules.

Choose Your Course.

Most runners and walkers have always wanted to test their hand at race course design. Well, this is your chance to design and race on a course you love. All our local communities have great pathways, neighbourhoods, and attractions that could be included in your course this year.

In fact, one virtual marathoner in the USA ran a 42.2K full marathon by running in circles in his driveway! Not exactly the most scenically diverse course...but it sure kept him close to hydration, toilets, and his cheering section!

Things to think about as you design your course:

  • How many other people will you encounter on your course? You need to consider physical distancing recommendations.
  • Where are washrooms and possible hydration stations? Do you need to stay close to home to access these?
  • Do you want to race on hills or on a flat course? Do you want many turns or mostly a straight out-and-back course?
  • What role might vehicle traffic have on your course? Remember, it is most likely that your course for this virtual event will not have any traffic control or course marshals.
  • What surface do you prefer to race on? Are you a pavement person or do you prefer a trail? Or is a treadmill your go-to place to race?
  • Where can you do all of this without exposing yourself to COVID or in a space where you cannot properly socially distance?


Do I have to walk or run or can I simply start a pledge page to raise funds for the cause?

Absolutely! We do not require nor demand that anyone do our walk or run if they do not want to. But yes please do create a pledge page attached to our campaign and raise as much money as you can to helps support all the work we do for those affected by ALS. To create your personal pledge page in which you write your own message and add your own picture or details simply click on the white FUNDRAISE button above. This will be your very own page to manage and share. Set your own fundraising goal and spread the word. Again anyone who contributes to your pledge page including yourself will still receive a tax receipt.


Some information about ALS in SK:

Statistically, SK should have anywhere from 100 to 250 persons diagnosed with ALS at any one time. The ALS Soceity of Saskatchewan has been supporting those with ALS for 40 years right here in our province and has in that time supported, cared for, been a friend to and helped make the ALS journey a little better for over 3,500 people. We have provided millions of dollars of equipment and support at no charge to anyone needing our services and in that time the Society had done it almost completely on a volunteer basis. In the last few years the Society has been able to get an office and some staff and that has only increased the level of support to our ALS families.

COVID had made the last two years very difficult for us to raise funds and we really need everyone to help us this year to make sure we can continue to provide the best we can to those affected by ALS.

No one deserves to make the ALS journey alone. 

You can show your support by joining your virtual community and collecting online donations with your personal fundraising page.

On the day of the Virtual Walk or any day in June, choose a time that works for you, and take a walk in your neighborhood. Share a photo or video from your Walk, and post it on your fundraising page or share it on your and our social media. Feel free to get creative with activities aside from walking—we’d love to see your ideas!

Be sure to tag us on Facebook: or by sending us an email so we can post it and celebrate you: and if you provide us anything before the virtual walk day (June 19th) you will likely be included in the live virtual event we will be hosting that day. 

Stay in touch for these details through our social media posts and all our public channels.


Bernadette Mysko

President, ALS Society of SK


Denis Simard

Administrator, ALS Society of SK