Too much screen time, sugar, wine or chips? Not enough exercise, water, vegetables, reading or quality time with your family?

This September challenge yourself by seeking a healthier, richer and more active life by becoming a Sober Hero! Be a hero on your own or form a team of family or friends; do it for your own wellness and to help the 700+ individuals on their recovery journey at Thorpe Recovery Centre each year. 

Just like the people who come to Thorpe to overcome their addiction, seize the opportunity to bring positive and durable changes to your daily life, to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and discover a different side of yourself!

Step 1: Choose the personal challenge* you want to take up during Sober September. 

Step 2: Sign up by clicking on “Fundraise.”

Step 3: If you want, you can donate to Thorpe Recovery Centre through your Sober Hero fundraising page and invite your friends and family to support you.

100% of the collected funds will help to ensure Thorpe Recovery Centre's facility remains safe, warm, and welcoming to anyone in need. 

* Try giving up alcohol, tobacco, junk food, or online shopping OR pick up a healthy habit like running, meditation, or Pilates!