L'UQROP needs you to help build a new bridge for Chouette à voir!. The campaign Your Name on the Bridge aims to raise $300,000 to support the construction of this new bridge.

For every $500 donation, a customed plaque will be installed on the bridge and will represent you for 10 years!  

Saw-whet Owl Partner - $500

The size of your plaque is 10 cm x 20 cm, with a maximum of 30 words of your choice. The message can include the name of your group, name of other people you want to add and a meaningful phrase of your choice, idealy including the word bridge. You may also, if you wish, simply include the names of all the people you wish to have listed. Donors will receive a tax receipt following their donation.

The concept: get together with family, colleagues or others to reach the goal of $500 and get your group plaque!  How can you do it? It's easy, just follow the instructions below!  

Before clicking on DONATE :

- Make sure you have the email address of your group's leader so you can be grouped on the same plaque.

- You are the group leader, you must tell us the message you composed. A total of 30 words maximum (including name, title, sentence).

- You are not part of a group, in the DONATE page, you must write "0" in the box of the group leader's email. With a minimum donation of 20$, we will associate you with a plaque featuring one of the 27 species of birds of prey in Quebec.

Here's an example:


Thanks to all of you, Chouette à voir! will have a new bridge to celebrate its 25th anniversary! Share this opportunity around you!

You have a business and wish to participate in this campaign? Become a Snowy Owl Partner! Four locations at the ends of the bridge will be reserved for Snowy Owl Partners ($20,000).  Contact us for more information!