On August 9, 2021 ultra-marathon runner Jerry Hughes hopes to raise $35,000 to honour Help Fill A Dream’s 35th anniversary by ascending Mt. Work repeatedly over 35 hours – raising $1,000 for each hour he runs. He is constantly looking for new goals to beat or records to break, all in the name of fundraising for Help Fill A Dream. Jerry knows first-hand the support Help Fill A Dream can provide, as 26 years ago when he was 15, he and his siblings who were born with the same rare condition were recipients of a Dream trip to Disneyland. Born with Gardner’s Disease,  a life-threatening condition that can lead to colon cancer and other serious complications, Jerry and his siblings have faced health challenges their whole lives, all while watching their young father die from the same disease. 

When Jerry started entering running events, he knew that Help Fill A Dream would be the recipient of his fundraising efforts. Help Fill A Dream was close to Jerry’s heart, offering his family a chance to make memories as a Dream child so many years before. To date, Jerry has fundraised nearly $50,000 for Help Fill A Dream through a variety of running events. 

In Jerry’s words: “Inspiring the world one step at a time”. Jerry truly lives that motto and inspires Help Fill A Dream and our families with every step he takes.  


About Help Fill A Dream:

Help Fill A Dream often comes into the life of a family when things are at their worst. When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening / critical condition a family’s focus becomes their child, their medical appointments and treatment; there’s no time for anything else. 

Support comes in all sorts of ways. When families are in survival mode the Family Assistance program provides a lifeline, picking up the practical and financial worry, allowing parents to focus on the most important thing: the health of their child. When the time is right, the child who has been through so much can have their Dream filled. Dreams are powerful things for children with life-threatening / critical conditions. 

Since 1986, Help Fill A Dream has supported over 3,400 children from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands whose lives have suddenly changed due to their child's diagnosis with a life-threatening / critical condition.

With your support we can continue to make the impossible possible.