Inspired by Her is a signature YWCA Halifax event that serves as an opportunity for organizations to recognize exceptional women in the area of sport and recreation. YWCA Halifax Leadership, Equity, Activity & Diversity (LEAD) is proud to advance the participation of girls and women in sport, recreation, and physical activity, and empower them to take on leadership roles across these sectors.

We’ve transformed our traditional luncheon into an online event: Inspired by Her At Home.

Join us virtually as we listen to top women leading in sport and recreation share empowering stories that promote women and girls in physical activity, sport and recreation.

Tickets $25 each and includes an opportunity to win one of several exciting door prizes.

Invite a youth plus-one free of charge
When youth see inspiring women who are leading the way in sports, these role models help them recognize their own potential in sport, recreation and physical activity. That’s why we highly encourage participants to invite a youth community member free of charge. Bring a child, mentee, or someone you coach to the event so that they, too, can be Inspired by Her.