Habitat for Humanity Kingston Limestone Region is incredibly proud of all we've been able to accomplish. It is the result of outstanding community support and local commitment to our vision where everyone has a safe and affordable place to live. 

For us, it is one answer to the critical need for housing here in our community. Safer, more stable homes create stronger communities. Over the years we've been blessed with the opportunity to partner with local businesses, municipalities, service clubs and individuals throughout the region. 

Our newest opportunity for build growth is property acquired in East Kingston and accommodate four (4) townhouses, providing homes for four incredible families. 

We rely on our community participation and involvement to both fund and build each project.

Every dollar that donors invest is used for our homebuilding program.

- To make a donation, simply press the Donate button and fill out the form.
- To create your team of paddlers or your individual campaign, click on the Fundraise button and follow the instructions Here's an instruction video to help you create your campaign. 
- To register as a paddler for the event (10$), click on Register and fill out the form.

We are asking you to help us build strong walls - literally; and, build an event that will occur annually for years to come. 

505,00 $

of 10 000,00 $