Your donations stay in our community and will directly impact the lives of local children and youth by providing them with a safe place to learn, grow and play.

The Boys and Girls Club of Fort McMurray has been providing inclusive and accessible child and youth programming to the families in our community for the past 40 years. Through a dedicated team of staff and educators, they provide
programming that focuses on supporting social development, education, leadership, health and well-being and tailored to meet the increasingly complex needs of families in our unique community. 

Despite the many challenges the Boys & Girls Club faced this year – from pandemic to flood - their commitment never wavered. Through life-changing programs, community-based services, and relationships with peers and caring adults, they will continue to help children and youth develop the skills they need to succeed.  

As a valuable partner we humbly ask you to join us in supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Fort McMurray transform lives in our community. 


of $40,000.00