We seek to represent the needs of the general public by working to make visible the needs of all, as distinct from the needs of interested parties, in finding environmental solutions. And we resist the temptation to oversimplify issues that are truly complex, just as we avoid clouding issues that are quite simple. We challenge our donors, our partners and the public to think through the important, sometimes difficult, environmental problems that face us all.  

Our newest initiative, the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup, focuses on removing plastic from the Great Lakes waterways and using our findings to build a body of research on the types of plastic that enter the lakes each year, which in turn allows us to develop effective strategies for preventing such plastic from reaching the water in future. Your donation will help install and maintain the initiative’s plastic capture devices (Seabins and LittaTraps) and allow us to keep doing the vital research that will help keep our precious Great Lakes plastic-free.