The Ecomuseum Zoo, non-profit charitable organization run by the St-Lawrence Valley Natural History Society, is a unique zoological institution where memorable animal encounters occur daily, and where one can rediscover the pleasure of living in harmony with nature. 

The only zoo presenting animals exclusively from Québec, we believe that today’s environmental education will in the future produce a direct impact ensuring their health and ours. Our mission rests on 3 guiding principles: environmental education, species and habitat conservation, and animal well-being.

The Ecomuseum Zoo animals all have a unique history. Visitors can meet residents that were orphaned, rehabilitated or born under professional human care. We’re glad to offer them a safe and loving home where their well-being is at the heart of every thought, every decision and every action.

Concretely your donations will be used to support future development of the Ecomuseum Zoo: important conservation projects in the wild, extended reach of our education program and modernizations that allow us to exceed the highest standards of animal well-being. Priorities that your donation will support in the years to come.