Your gift will support the ongoing costs of the BCC, a multi-purpose organization. Uniquely located in the heart of the Kawartha's and nestled on 10 acres of land, the Centre offers an 8,000 square foot facility, 11 pavilions, a covered patio and picturesque garden. As an independent facility, the BCC relies on fundraising events and donations to support its daily operations. With on onset of COVID-19, the BCC has had to cancel and postpone most of the activities which has meant a significant loss in revenue. 

We need to keep our doors open so we can continue to be here for you and your family!

Your support will: 

1. Keep the heat on so we can stay warm inside when we can do our fitness! 

2. Keep our valuable employees on our payroll so we have the support we need to get through the winter! 

3. Keep our facility in tip top shape so we can all enjoy the multitude of activities and events the BCC has to offer!