Festival SNØ is a free participatory event held each spring since 2005.

Our goal is to get the whole community moving, because exercise (especially outdoors with family and friends) is one of the greatest gifts you can give. It contributes to laughter, smiling, happiness, acts of kindness, better relationships, and health.

 When you play outside with family and friends you create habits, relationships, and a culture that leads to more activity and more play. It is a self perpetuating gift that you give to yourself and others. Everybody wins!!!!

Since 2005 Festival SNØ has raised more than $98,000 which has been used to support our Festival as well as supporting the following causes:

  • Supporting nutritional research in school and sports settings
  • Sponsering public lectures (eg Louise Lambert Lagacé et Natalie Lacombe)
  • Purchasing ski equipment for the school board
  • Purchasing ski huts on the trails
  • Supporting the Jackrabbit youth ski program
  • Lowering costs for kids. SInce 2019, financial support from CASH has made access to ski trails in our community free for all kids under the age of 18.