The African American Heritage Preservation Foundation, established in 1994,  is an all-volunteer nonprofit 501 (3) organization. Your donation will help us achieve our mission. 

The African American Heritage Preservation Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to preserve, maintain, and raise awareness of little-known African American historical sites located primarily in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Regions, of the United States.

AAHPF founder, E. Renée Ingram , undertook the effort in the early 1990’s to get her family’s endangered cemetery (The Stanton Family Cemetery) placed on the Commonwealth of Virginia Landmarks Register and National Register of Historic Places. The Stanton Family Cemetery became the first free African American privately held family cemetery to be placed on these registers in 1993. As a result of these efforts, Ingram was inspired to do the same for similar sites around the country and in 1994 founded the African American Heritage Preservation Foundation.

In the 27 years since its inception, AAHPF has continued to successfully engage and gain recognition for these endangered and little-known African American sites. Today, the Foundation also serves as a resource center for community groups, preservationists, and many others in terms of research and connection.

We'll be able to provide matching grants through our African American Endangered Sites Fund to eligible 501(3) organizations that have secured a minimum of 75% of funding for the project and are in the last phase of development. As you know, many organizations require that last infusion of financial support for a successful completion of the project and we hope to fulfill that need.