Our Mission
The Valoris Foundation raises funds to help the citizens of Prescott-Russell in their projects of social inclusion, community leadership and personal growth.

Our Vision
Encourage our communities to contribute to the opportunities for meaningful and valued life experience of the citizens of Prescott-Russell, and manage the funds raised with rigor, ethics and transparency.

Every donation made to the Valoris Foundation has an impact on the people around you and in your community.

Your donations will be used to FUND projects that directly impact the Foundation's three initiatives.

Social inclusion
These projects facilitate the positive inclusion of an individual or group in their community to enable them to access full and multiple life experiences.

Community leadership
Community leadership initiatives are designed to bring together members of our communities for the benefit of the region.

Personal growth
Personal growth projects are initiatives that provide access to the conditions
and experience of full life for an individual or group.

Together, for the community!