Thank you for donating to our food bank

In the last year alone:

  • We have delivered over 11,000 food boxes to people in need. 
  • The demand for food assistance doubled.
  • We signed up 1,500 new members to our food bank.
  • We tripled our staff in the food bank to meet demands.
  • Food costs for 1 month = food cost for one-year pre-pandemic.

Over 50% of our food box content is made up of fresh products such as fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, bread and eggs. Our goal is to ensure that every member of the community, whether it is a low-income family or individual, a senior who is afraid to leave the house, or a person at higher risk, has access to the healthy food they need to nourish themselves and their families.

Your donation will go directly towards ensuring our food bank members receive quality food that is nutritious.

Thank you for contributing towards nourishing Montrealers.