This donation will help us achieve our mission of enhancing the lives of those affected by an acquired brain injury through education, support and awareness. We'll be able to : 

Provide peer support to survivors, caregivers and family and friends through the You Are Not Alone,, Family and Friends, Pediatric Caregiver and Young Adult Support Groups. 

Provide regular Coffee Chat and Survivor Socials for those with an acquired brain injury. 

Provide prevention education programs like Helmets for Kids and the  STAR (Stop, Tell, get Assessed and Rest) program for students in grades 7 to 12. 

Provide education program to healthcare professionals on a variety of topics related to brain injury. 

Provide education to the public via our special awareness activities such as the Butterfly Lane Mural project and Unmasking Brain Injury. 

We provide these programs and services on a shoe-string budget. We do not rent/own a building and rely on community partners to support us with this. We rely on donations and sponsorships to provide these services. 

We are a registered charity. 87686 5817RR0001.