Vanguard Foundation’s mission is to raise funds to support the projects and initiatives of Vanguard School. A non-profit organization (NPO), Vanguard School is declared to be in the public interest by Québec’s Ministère de l’Éducation  du Québec (MEQ). Vanguard School is a specialized school offering educational services to students with severe learning disabilities, in English or in French, The School offers a regular program of instruction, as set by the Ministry of Education to students at the elementary and secondary levels. Vanguard’s mission is to help students with severe learning disabilities by offering them the resources that will enable them to learn and to experience academic success.  

Vanguard School is an Associated School with the Université de Montréal. Research and Development are at the heart of this exciting partnership.  

A Unique Centre of Expertise in Canada 

The mission of the Vanguard Centre of Expertise (VCE) is to share with parents and professionals in education, the expertise, the proven approaches and interventions developed by the Vanguard team, for helping students with learning disabilities. The Vanguard Centre of Expertise, through its many services, promotes the academic success and developmental growth of students. 

Why invest in our youth with learning difficulties:

Vanguard, school perseverance: Mission accomplished! 

Each year, close to 120 Vanguard school students graduate with a high school diploma and the vast majority of them pursue post-secondary education despite their severe learning disabilities. These young people, who were doomed to academic failure and dropout statistics, are, today, young citizens well prepared to live their full potential.

Please help us promote school perseverance and academic success. By investing in young people with learning disabilities today, you encourage their education, fight school drop-out among them and promote the development of young, productive and fulfilled citizens for our society. 

Thank you for supporting school perseverance and academic success. thank you for supporting Vanguard!


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