We Need Your Support

Last thing we expected when coming to work yesterday morning, is to open the doors to 2 inches of water running through and flooding the SPCA. 

A water pipe had burst over night, and huge amount of water made its way through the entire shelter.

The staff immediately geared up into emergency mode, and after shutting the main water valve off, we immediately made sure that our dear residents were ok and rescued (again) from their miserable position.

Rest assure, all animals are fine and beside some wet fur, no one got hurt.

This situation resulted in a lot of material damage and lost items. The shelter will not be opened for a while, until we can fix everything and make sure it is safe to work into.

This is where we stand:

- all animals were relocated by end of day yesterday . A Huge thank you to Refuge Zen to have come so quickly to get all the dogs and quite a few cats, and relocated them to their shelter. We will for ever be grateful to this wonderful team that acted extremely  efficiently to make sure our animals found a new, and dry home.

- Lost of material and  general damage: amounting to well into the six figures

- Insurance ? well, that's not so good news. Their policy  covers only a very small portion of the damages and lost items. The last we heard from them is they will cover up to 7 000 $ maximum.

- we are obviously at a loss, and need support from the community to recover.

Please donate today!

Help us rise from this disaster and get back on our feet

Your donation Saves Lives !

 Thanks to your support, We are be able to: 

- Provide Shelter, food, and love to Abandoned, Abused, Mistreated Animals 

- Provide Much Needed Medical Care - Sterilize, Vaccinate, Treat for Parasites, Microchip all those that we take in. 

Each year, your generosity enables us to save more than 3000

Thank you for being there for them!