When we arrived in New Hampshire, we knew that we were where God wanted us to be before
the time was right to go to Québec. However, we had no idea how we were supposed to get there
from New Hampshire. God gave us the answer in a very unexpected way. A few days after
graduating with my master’s from the University of New Hampshire, I had a grand mal seizure.
This forced me to work as my wife’s assistant, since she is the French teacher at a school where
we live, instead of finding my own job at another school in the region. Together we have
completely remade the French program at this school, which has given us experience in directing
a language school. During this time, our friend Pat Auger introduced us to the president of
SEMBEQ, François Turcotte. We shared our plan with him to create a French language school,
and all of us decided to go ahead with the project. We are currently praying and working to
create a French immersion school that will help Christians go all over the world and talk to other
about Jesus in their own language.

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