In 1993, Rocmaura Foundation was developed to fund what government funding cannot. For 28 years, Rocmaura Foundation has been funding the "extras" to enhance the quality of life in our "Home Away from Home". 

This donation will help us achieve our mission to make life better for our residents in their "home away from home" at Rocmaura.

We'll be able to enhance residents' quality of life by:

- providing recreation and music therapy programs

- purchasing rehab equipment - pressure relieving devices and fall prevention equipment

- refurbishing resident rooms with new wardrobe units

- taking residents on outings and appointments on Rocmaura Bus and Van

- purchasing medical equipment not funded by government; blanket warmers, theraglide rocking chairs, geri chairs

Some of our Wishes filled:

- pocket talkers to help residents hear

- ice making machine to serve ice cold drinks for hydration

- welcome baskets for new residents

- table cloths to make mealtimes homier

- big screen tv in main tv lounge

- digital wheelchair scale to monitor patient health

-ventropedic pillowcases to prevent pressure sores

- Art Gallery Project to beautify our home with paintings donated by local artists

- Memory Lane Project with vintage memorabilia to help residents reminisce

These items create a full life and happiness for our residents, and we are so happy to serve them the way they did us.

There are many opportunities to contribute! 

Donate through Simply K or contact Foundation Director Sally Cummings at or (506) 643-7090 to make alternative arrangements for donation.