Our mission as a non-profit organization is to offer new perspectives through supported vanguard artists and their innovative approaches.

By supporting Cinédanse, you make possible activities such as:
- Our 2019 "Healing Scars" Symposium and its next edition in September 2021.
- Our workshops tour in 2017 with the participation of elders and young people who spawned the creation of the film "According to Movement: a Story in 10 Chapters" by Béatriz Mediavilla.
- Tamar Rogoff's "Enter the Faun" tour in Montreal and Quebec: workshops around cerebral palsy with an exercise program in which participants experience a new approach to managing their motor skills.

Our workshops offered to artists, the general public and marginalized people: they are free and attract many participants... help us to continue in this direction!

Thank you!
Cinédanse / La Caravane de Phœbus
Registered Name: La Caravane de Phœbus
Charity number: 837778687 RR 0001