Through its 17 interpreted tours and learning activities, Pointe-à-Callière offers the most informative and complete program on the history of Montréal. Proud of this fact, the Pointe-à-Callière Foundation fully supports Pointe-à-Callière’s educational mission.

Since the opening of Montréal’s largest history and archaeology museum, hundreds of thousands of youths from here at home and elsewhere have taken our many tours and participated in educational activities led by our professional guides, thereby benefiting from opportunities to experience, understand, and explore the fascinating history of this city founded in 1642—all at its very birthplace!

In order to make these tours even more dynamic, optimize our offer to schools, and foster active and immersive learning, Pointe-à-Callière is planning to set up a new space dedicated to education!


LAB_1642: an appealing environment conducive to exploration and discovery.

This lab space will allow us to introduce new creative, archaeology, and science workshops with the aim of adapting our mediation activities to newer pedagogical practices that place a greater emphasis on learning through action, experimentation, and creativity.

With this new laboratory, our objective is to create a vibrant and dynamic learning centre that can encourage discovery-based teaching.

We are deeply committed to this project, as it is dedicated to youth. It highlights our past, takesplace in the present, and will have impacts on our future—for our society of tomorrow!