Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Orillia and
District’s programs serve families through mentoring and group opportunities
At this time, we are working on new models of how to continue this. With the Covid-19 pandemic making in person meetings almost impossible, we have transitioned to virtual #mentorship. Creating camps and social options through Zoom and Facebook live. With your help we can continue to make these relationships happen and flourish. We are working to help keep those connections in place, start new ones, and #IgnitePotential in our local children and youth.

Our volunteers serve as role models, at times, when
this crucial aspect is lacking in a child’s life, helping our mentees reach
their full potential.


The contributions you give to BBBS are going to make a
significant difference in three key ways:

Program Efficacy: The efficacy of the program is indisputable. Every
dollar you donate to BBBS returns between $18 – $23 back to society, as our
mentees are more likely to go for higher education, become employed, hold
leadership positions, have stronger social networks, volunteer and give back to
the community.

Program Cost: With BBBS, your donation is NOT just a drop in the bucket;
every dollar here counts. With the annual match and monitoring of one
Big-Little relationship costing $1,750, you are making a significant

Volunteer Base: We know donations are critical in supporting our
professional mentoring coordinators to recruit the volunteers needed to serve
our Big-Little matches and those Littles who are still awaiting matches.


Your donations will
allow us to continue offering life-changing mentoring relationships to youth in
our community. We appreciate your support in making a big difference in the
lives of young people.