Payment for acquiring a Title at the St Hubert Kabaristan "Urgel Bourgie"

$3000 / Title. Details below (The Cost is valid till Oct 31, 2021. After which it will go back to $4000/Title)

Please do two payments of $2000 each, as the platform does not allow for transactions of $3000 or more.

What's Included:
Opening and closing cost (excluding transportation and grave marker/nameplate negotiated at a discount) as well as the permission to bury a second body in each gravesite at your option (with second opening and closing cost paid at market value if and when used in the future).

Additional Notes:
With respect to the St-Hubert graveyard (Les Jardins Urgel Bourgie St-Hubert). We wish to remind you that in January 2020, we secured a total of 100 gravesites at St-Hubert for SHIA. We also provided Members an option to purchase them in advance. Undoubtedly, the cost is significantly lower than Rideau Memorial and Al-Hamza (Laval). 

Please contact EC or email at to purchase and reserve a gravesite or any additional information.