Your generosity means a lot to the most vulnerable in our city.

Adopt-a-Kitchen or cover the costs of delivered or congregate meals for isolated Houselink and Mainstay participants who live with mental health issues, addictions, disabilities and deep poverty. Many are formerly homeless.

All donations go directly to pay for food. Houselink and Mainstay will cover all costs of preparation, delivery and staff salaries. 

Many of our tenants and participants struggle to buy food on limited incomes and lack the life skills necessary to prepare nutritious meals. They live with food insecurity on a daily basis. For people dealing with mental health issues and addictions, a regular meal can be profoundly stabilizing.

Pre-pandemic, our kitchens hosted meals where people could come together for food and much needed socialization.  Since April of 2020, our staff have been delivering weekly meals to the most vulnerable - ensuring food security, providing wellness checks and some socialization. Meal delivery and client contacts increased by almost 150% during this pandemic. You can imagine the need. 

As restrictions lift, we will be implementing pandemic recovery programs to assist tenants and participants to leave their homes and meet safely for weekly meals. (You can imagine that many have difficulty going out and are severely isolated.) The meals will be linked to weekly wellness groups and accurate information about COVID-19, and will provide opportunities to grieve losses experienced during the pandemic. 

Feeding the hungry has never been so easy.