By participating financially to the 2021 Lumière Prize, you allow an artist to obtain a creation grant and benefit from a stimulating creation environment!

The Lumière Prize is also committed to increasing the international presence of dance artists from Quebec and the rest of Canada, and aims at ensuring respect for equal access.La Caravane de Phœbus invites artists who identify with minorities and / or ethnic, Indigenous people, people from Francophones communities in Canada (outside Quebec), as well as people with disabilities to apply.

Since receiving the Lumière Prize from Cinédanse, the three recipients of our Lumière Prize 2015 and 2019 have been honored around the world, whether it be the Montreal duo Sandy Silva and Marlene Millar in 2015 or Eric Oberdorff from France and Kosta Karakashyan from Bulgaria in 2019. 

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