For the last 5 years, Thèsez-vous’ mission has been to rethink academic writing and offer environments that BREAK ISOLATION! We believe we can play a role in the actual context, but we’re more and more limited.

L’Espace Thèsez-vous is temporarily closed and our next writing retreats have been postponed until further notice. This means that we no longer have ANY sources of income. Because part of our mission is to keep our prices as low as possible for students, we have very little leeway. Without some income, it’ll be very difficult to survive for more than a few weeks.

But we’re still extremely motivated and are currently focusing our efforts on developing online services. Considering the context, we believe that opting for a transparent donation approach is the best thing to do. This crisis is not a business opportunity for Thèsez-vous; we are making sure that our online services stay accessible and mission-oriented.

If you’re able to help our mission, your donation will be greatly appreciated!

Most of all, let’s meet online to break isolation and write together! Solidarity is key!