Since 1978, the Centre offers a space for all women to meet, discuss and take action, with the aim of reducing their isolation. By means of a feminist perspective and in solidarity with all women, the Centre seeks to improve the social, economic, and political conditions of women regardless of age, ethnocultural affiliation or sexual orientation.

In addition to this global approach and in keeping with its original mission, the Centre continues to be a forum for open discussion for women of Italian origin.

The Centre achieves this mission notably through its services and group activities. The services are offered in complete confidentiality and are 100% free. They include a warm welcome, active listening and support face to face or by phone, individual consultations with women in their process of “empowerment”, accompaniment for women in an abusive relationship, information as well as unlimited access to our reference centre. We offer support to women experiencing various social issues, including intimate partner violence, poverty, and struggles with mental health, through individual intervention services, as well as group activities, such as our information sessions and support groups.


From an empowerment standpoint, the CFSE encourages women to move from an individual perspective to a collective perspective by means of its group activities. Educational activities are offered with the objective of encouraging self-reliance and allowing women to share their experiences with other participants.


These activities take the form of information sessions, personal growth workshops, support groups, skill sharing workshops, discussion groups and various courses. In addition, we offer special activities or outings with the goal of bringing women together and reducing their isolation.


What the donations will be used for


Donations received would help offset administrative costs, transportation costs and meal costs when we provide accompaniment to a woman in an abusive relationship, whether at the police station or the Courthouse. Furthermore, the Centre also offers a food assistance service to women living in poverty through meals or snacks offered on site or to take home.


As for group activities, the Centre absorbs a portion of the costs of certain activities to make them accessible to low-income women. Finally, the donations would also help us to cover the costs of guest speakers, and animators for educational activities such as conferences, courses, or various workshops.


Thank you for contributing to the mission, services and activities of the Centre that benefit women in need from our community!