This donation will be used to support the education of a young person in Buddhist culture and philosophy in an Asian country. These donations are mainly directed to India, where the majority of Tibetan refugees are found, and to the monasteries which offer a course of study in Buddhist philosophy to young people in need of means.
NB: Above $ 2,900, a transaction costs more than $ 80. We then suggest that the donor pay by check or by bank transfer.
Several Tibetan refugee children in India still live below the poverty line today. Many of them would like to be able to continue their studies, but their families are unable to afford the tuition fees. Some of these children passed the college entrance exam. They would therefore be able to register if it were not for the costs to be borne. For
to enable these Tibetan children to have a better life and to give them the chance to continue their education, we estimated that $ 400 per year would meet most of the basic needs. Depending on your budget, you can also adjust this amount. All of these donations are eligible for charitable receipts in Canada.
You can also support the education of young Tibetans studying at Gajang Kongpo Monastic College. These young people are currently living in India. They are students, wear the robe, but are not monks until they reach the age of 20, and only if they wish. They are sometimes escaped from Tibet or born in India to exiled parents or near the border. The monastery provides the youth with food, accommodation and other educational needs. However, the help of the monastery is not enough to pay the electricity bill, food and medical care, among others. Each student must therefore pay out of his own pocket to cover part of these costs. Note that the money offered by donors is not intended only for the needs of a single young person, otherwise there would be inequality between those supported and those who are not. Rather, the funds are intended for the whole community, so that all can have access to equal resources.
Whatever your donation, it will be welcome. For details on supporting education and channeling your contribution, contact or Lama Samten (418) 657-5741 You can rest assured that any donation sent to the Paramita Center will go directly to the intended purpose. You can also make your donation via Interac to