Payment for acquiring a Title at the St Hubert Kabaristan "Urgel Bourgie"

$3000+tx / Title. (The Cost is valid till Oct 31, 2021. After which it will go back to $4000+tx/Title)

Please do two payments of $1725 each, as the platform does not allow for transactions of $2900 or more.

What's Included:
Opening and closing cost (excluding transportation and grave marker/nameplate negotiated at a discount) as well as the permission to bury a second body in each gravesite at your option (with second opening and closing cost paid at market value if and when used in the future).

Additional Notes:
With respect to the St-Hubert graveyard (Les Jardins Urgel Bourgie St-Hubert). We wish to remind you that in January 2020, we secured a total of 100 gravesites at St-Hubert for SHIA. We also provided Members an option to purchase them in advance. Undoubtedly, the cost is significantly lower than Rideau Memorial and Al-Hamza (Laval). 

Although we prefer that the full amount be paid immediately, given some Members have requested a payment plan, we have decided to provide an option to pay the amount over a 12-month period starting October 31, 2021 and last payment being on September 30, 2022.  Members will be requested to pay online by setting up automatic monthly credit card payment.  Note that if a payment plan is selected, the transfer of ownership of the gravesite will only be upon final payment.

1st payment $700 (taxes + first month)
11 payments of $250 per month. 

Please contact EC or email at to purchase and reserve a gravesite or any additional information.

PS: Please help support our payment partners "Simplyk" for supporting us in processing our payments free of charge. Any donation you can add to their platforms helps them to continue their support with us and for SHIA to utilize 100% of your proceeds.