If you've made it to our donation page you might already know about Giving Tuesday, but incase you don't, heres the low down. Giving Tuesday is a global day where Canadians, charties and businesses come together to celebrate giving, and participate in activities that support charties and non-profits, like us!

Our entire community and country have went through so much the past nine months. We've faced uncertainty and fear, but we've been able to get through it together. With that being said, we are so excited to celebrate Giving Tuesday, a day that represents togetherness during a time when so many of us have been apart. Whether you've donated before, volunteered with us, shared this page with others, or choose to donate today, we'd like to thank you for your impact on our organization.


A community based match costs on average, $1300 per year. By donating $30 today you can help us fund a match for 1 week. Our Big's have worked so hard to stay connected with their Littles during a time when they need it most, and will continue to do so with your help!

When you donate today, we will provide you with a certificate that you can fill out and gift to a loved one this holiday season. The gift that keeps on giving! For every $1 donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters, $23 is returned to society.